When registering your team, please make sure you fill in ALL of the Head Coach's (it MUST BE ONLY the Head Coach's) information. We must have ONLY the Head Coach's information in order to match it to data supplied to us by your organization, which is used on picture day.  Please DO NOT enter team parent's or spouse's information, as it will not meet what is given to us by your organization!


IMPORTANT!!   If you have more than one team, YOU MUST REGISTER FOR EACH                                            TEAM so you can select a time slot for each team. If you do not register for                                      each team, we will not have the proper information for both. 


 PLEASE make sure you are scheduling as close to the main group of already scheduled teams.  Any teams scheduled at the end of the day and more than 20 minutes from the bulk of the teams scheduled, will be contacted and will need to move up. 

IMPORTANT:  All schedules Will Close At 5:00 on the SUNDAY (unless otherwise noted in your the notification e-mail) before each scheduled shoot.  Sorry, but No exceptions after that date & time.


Please scroll down to check all dates below as your organization may have multiple dates.

Then click on your organization's name to schedule for that date.

Schedules For 2021

Will Not Be Available Until We Receive Complete Information From Each Club

Once we receive the information we need to build the schedule, we will then send out notices to all coaches to come here to schedule.

Saturday – September 14, 2019

Lake Oswego Soccer Club - CLOSED


Willamette United Football Club - CLOSED

 Saturday – September 28, 2019

Lake Oswego Soccer Club - CLOSED


Tigard Youth Soccer - CLOSED


Saturday – October 9, 2019

Willamette United Football Club - CLOSED

Thank You and we look for to seeing you on picture day!