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By Design Sports Photo has been in business since 2009. However, my experience in youth sports goes back more than 20 years and as a professional portrait photographer of over 30 years, I bring my knowledge of portrait photography to the youth sports photography we do. Such as not just grouping a bunch of kids and coaches together and calling it a team picture, but composing the group to be more pleasing to the eye in the finished product. Also, not using straight from the camera flat lighting that is very unflattering, but instead using lighting as close to what we would in portrait lighting to give shape to the player's finished picture.


The focus of our company is not just to take exceptional sports portraits & supply our clients with the best quality products available, but to make the overall task as easy as possible for the organizations and parents we work with. Our company motto is BBF… Bigger… Better… Faster. Most of the organizations we work with are non-profit, and we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways for them to make money.

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